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Jimmy swaggart crossfire

Just as Elisha surpass Elijah in miracle is the same way, Donnie Swaggart is transcending the ministry of his father. He Carries the fire and mantle of the Swaggart ministry, passionately preaching the Gospel of Christ across the world in a dynamic and typical way that engages listeners.

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Donnie packs in the characteristics of a teacher, pastor, and an evangelist. Through his unique style of preaching, millions of souls has been saved and brought to salvation both internationally and in the United States. He has not only served has an evangelist in several nations of the world but also co-pastor a family worship center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The evangelist has been involved in full-time ministry work for more than 30 years.

He continues to be healthy and passionate about the tremendous call God has placed on his life. Donnie Swaggart is undoubtedly called by God to bring the message of Pentecost to those bound by gods and lifeless beliefs.

He sees as a responsibility to bring back the Pentecostal fire and the Pentecostal way of life to those who have never gone beyond the initial baptism experience. Donnie and his wife Debbie exchanged wedding vows in the s, but the two went separate ways in the year He quickly moved on to another woman who appeared to have divorced five times.

Inthe two rated and Donnie Swaggart remarried Debbie; the two has since then been living peacefully and blissfully. Matthew Swaggart is also an active and integral part of the ministry. He is a television graphics artist and a master of photography. Jennifer, her husband Cliff, their beautiful daughter Harper Riley and their son Harrison Brooks currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Donnie and his wife Debbie live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Tax assessors in his country claim that he owns a home worth at 1. Donnie 66 years old as of the year The Evangelist was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Uncle Donnie Swaggart. Aunt Jeannette Swaggart Ensming. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Gabriel Swaggart is an associate pastor and host of the internationally known weekly Sonlife Broadcasting Network show Generation of the Cross.

His show discusses topics of particular interest to the youth. He serves as the associate pastor of Family Worship Centre, the home church and headquarters of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries which was established by his grandparents, Evangelist Jimmy and Frances Swaggart.

Pastor Gabe has been in the Ministry since with a variety of responsibilities that revolved around the entire operations at JSM. His television ministry includes Generation of the Cross, a one-hour program meant to meet the everyday challenges that Christians face giving Bible-based answers.

Gabriel is also the host of the Living Waters, a highlight of the music of Jimmy Swaggart and other vocalists and musicians in the ministry. He is 40 years old as of September Gabriel was born on September 19, Pastor Gabriel has been married to Jill Swaggart since December 4, He earned the money from his profession as a TV Show Host.

One of her songs is available on amazon. You can sample the song and later buy it. Here is the link. You must be logged in to post a comment. Previous Who is Brittany Watts? Log in to Reply. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Jimmy Swaggart full name Jimmy Lee Swaggart, is an American Pentecostal evangelist, singer, author, pastor, and pianist. He was born March 15,in Ferriday, Louisiana, U. Reverend Jimmy Swaggart is the President of the SonLife Radio Network which is heard nationwide on over 78 stations and around the world via the internet.

Since its launching on June 26 SonLife Broadcasting Network is a Christian Television Network which airs nationally and internationally to a potential viewing audience of over 80 million. The network is a outreach of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries and offers live and pre-recorded programs that appeal to a wide audience base.

Jimmy Swaggart Ministries has long been known for its anointed music. Reverend Swaggart has recorded over 50 Gospel Albums, with approximately 15 million Recordings sold worldwide.

His first album, Some Golden Daybreak, was made primarily to have a record he could give people at his early revivals. Recognizing his gift, Frances Swaggart began encouraging him to contact radio stations.

Jimmy Swaggart

In the spring of Sam Philips the producer who discovered Elvis Presley had sent for the small town, piano-playing, preacher to come to Memphis. However, with a heart to minister the Gospel, the young Swaggart turned him down. He has also written 13 Study Guides and 36 Commentaries on the Bible.

The first issue of the monthly magazine, The Evangelist, was four pages and printed in black and white. The present full color glossy edition is distributed online and throughout the world. Swaggart has been married to Frances Swaggart since October 10, They met in church while he was playing music with his father. Swaggart is the nephew of Arilla Wells who was born in and died in He was the manager of Wells Grocery in Tunica, Louisiana.

jimmy swaggart crossfire

He also had a sister, Jeanette Ensminger who was born in and died in International Youth Conference is the most powerful conference in the nation today. Young people gather from around the globe for one purpose, the Message of the Cross! Every year hundreds are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Young people are changed forever by the Presence of the Lord. These messages are taken from past conferences and are just a taste of what happens at International Youth Conference.

Listen on Apple Podcasts. Episode Length: Thank God for this ministry and the teaching on the Cross. It freed me from my depression and gave me joy unspeakable. God bless! Thank you so much for putting so much effort into the best youth conference in the world and making so many resources available to us!

It builds us up and encourages our faith so much! We love you!!! Glory to God. Apple Podcasts Preview. Customer Reviews See All. Joel Osteen Podcast. Joel Osteen. Elevation with Steven Furtick. Elevation Church. The Bible Recap. Sadie Robertson. That Sounds Fun with Annie F.

jimmy swaggart crossfire

That Sounds Fun Network. Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

jimmy swaggart crossfire

Monday Night Fire. Loren Larson. Donnie Swaggart. Crossfire Youth Ministry.You will know them by their fruits…Therefore by their fruits you will know them. The teaching of our Lord is that as part of examining a doctrine for its veracity we should include an examination of the life of the teacher.

They may look like a sheep, talk like a sheep, and speak like a silver-tongued anointed preacher, but if they are a false prophet or false teacher there will be bad fruit continually evidenced in their life. We must examine the fruit as Jesus taught us.

It has nothing to do with forgiveness. Its about discernment. If he was just a normal Bible teacher or pastor of a church, teaching sound biblical doctrine, then this would not matter. But for someone who claims to be an end-time apostle with a special revelation greater than the Church has known before, and who condemns other churches as false, then it behooves us to take a close look at his life, both past and present.

His sins may have been in the sea of forgetfulness, but his own claims to special superior prominence have dredged them back up. It is a matter of obedience to scripture. Incidentally, examining the fruit does not mean that we are to consider how much money he has or how successful he is or how big his cult has grown.

Swaggarites point to this as proof that Jimmy is a true apostle of God. No, examining the fruit means rather to reflect upon whether his life is abundant with the fruit of the Spirit, or if it exudes the deeds of the flesh. Jimmy married his year-old girlfriend and entered into ministry as a singing evangelist. Unfortunately, as we shall see, his proclivity for underage girls would not end with his child bride. He eventually built a large multi-million-dollar real estate empire from donations to his television ministry.

At the height of his ministry, he was caught on camera coming out of a motel room with prostitute Debra Murphree.

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I have chased prostitutes in every city where I have conducted revivals or crusades. Besides prostitutes, Jimmy also had an ongoing adulterous affair with Catherine Kampen, a housewife he picked up at a gas station. According to Kampen, he seduced her into believing, as a rich televangelist, he could not only give her free counseling for her emotional issues, but also help her with her dream of opening her own flower shop. During their many sexcapades that took place at her home while her husband was away at work, he would often, as he had with the prostitute Murphree, albeit unsuccessfully, try to convince her to have her underage daughter participate.

After all this hit the news, Jimmy confessed on television to some unspecified sin, hoping that the extent of his philandering would not be uncovered.

In the meantime, according to Mrs. It would not be the first or last time that the taint of murder would be associated with Jimmy Swaggart. The Swaggart team hired the caretaker on the same day she changed her will. Swaggart fund-raiser Gerald Johnson was involved in selecting Warren as a caretaker. Warren beat Mrs. Baugh to death ten days after the change to her will, which bequeathed nearly one million dollars to Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

jimmy swaggart crossfire

Baugh died five days later from heart issues, probably brought on by the trauma. Warren was convicted and went to prison. Another damnatory fact is that Warren had previously served two years in prison for the beating death of another woman. How or why Jimmy Swaggart Ministries chose this murderous convict to care for Baugh is an open question.

He filed a law suit. Five years later, innew information came to light resulting in a grand jury being convened to reopen the investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death and to see if any Swaggart employees were responsible. No indictments were handed down.When I first got this Bible, I was unsure what to think of it. But today, I was reading a scripture and struggling to understand what it was saying. I opened the Expositors Study Bible, and it made the passage much more clear!

I recommend this Bible to anyone who wants to go a little deeper into the Word of God!! It is filled with background knowledge about the customs and meaning of words during the time of Christ.

I like that the Expositor's Study Bible explains each verse in layman terms so that if a person is not sure of it's meaning you have a more clear understanding. Also there's what I call "Spiritual Food for Thought" which give the reader a more detail explanation of why a person should or should not do worldly things I enjoyed this Bible so much that I purchased a 2nd one and gave it to someone that I've known for years who had just accepted Christ into their life.

I believe that the Expositor's Study Bible will be a great help in this person's spiritual walk. The concordance also has so much information that would expand God's Word in them. Easy to read. I'm 68 and wanted a Bible I could read like a novel. My favorite Bible now! Many other guides, maps, etc included. Brand newmore than I expect arrived super fast. I will definitely shop wit you again. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!

The Bad Fruit of Swaggartism

The notes explain the meaning of the text so carefully and completely and answers many questions laymen have regarding Holy Scriptures. A must have for serious Bible students. Eye opening! Expositor's Study Bible Crossfire by Jimmy Swaggart I like that the Expositor's Study Bible explains each verse in layman terms so that if a person is not sure of it's meaning you have a more clear understanding.

Best Bible!

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Crossfire Bible Brand newmore than I expect arrived super fast. Expositoror's study Bible what a wonderful Bible study tool.He was defrocked by the Assemblies of God in after a sex scandal involving prostitutes. His cousins Jerry Lee Lewisa rock and roll pioneer, and Mickey Gilley, a country music singer, inspired him to attempt a career in music.

In he was ordained by the Assemblies of God. Swaggart recorded several gospel albums in the s. In he began The Camp Meeting Houra radio show featuring gospel music and preaching that was soon broadcast nationally. His continued success as a gospel music artist enabled him to launch a local television ministry, which began in with a weekly program.

Swaggart soon garnered a large viewing audience across the country; by the mids his weekly telecasts reached approximately two million households in the United States, making him one of the most popular and successful televangelists of the era.

In Swaggart publicly accused fellow televangelist Jim Bakker of immoral sexual behaviour. Indeed, another rival televangelist, Marvin Gorman, whom Swaggart had also accused of having one or more extramarital affairs and who was subsequently defrocked, provided photographs of Swaggart at a Baton Rouge motel with a local prostitute.

Despite his tearful on-air apology in FebruarySwaggart was defrocked by the Assemblies of God in April but continued to act as an independent Pentecostal preacher. In October police in IndioCalifornia, found Swaggart in the company of a prostitute after stopping him for a traffic violation.

Swaggart made a comeback in with the launching of the SonLife Radio Network on national radio stations and later internationally on the Internet. His ministry through a monthly magazine, The Evangelistand through an interdenominational church known as the Family Worship Center of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, continued into the 21st century. In Jimmy Swaggart Ministries launched the SonLife Broadcasting Network, an international Christian television network to air both live and prerecorded programs.

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Thank you for your feedback. He is an active church layperson and a regular contributor to Kirkus Reviews. He received a bachelor's degree from Harvard University and See Article History. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Like his cousin, television evangelist Jimmy Swaggartwith whom he grew up, Lewis was torn between flesh and spirit.

He captivated legions of fans with his flamboyant attitude and unpredictable, charismatic showmanship in stage, television, and film appearances. His blond hair falling in his face, he exhibited seemingly boundless energy….

TelevangelismEvangelism through religious programs on television. Such programs are usually hosted by a fundamentalist Protestant minister, who conducts services and often asks for donations.